Our Values

Our GLUE are the core values that holds FLi Sci together.

As an organization whose mission is to remove barriers from entering science, it is fundamental that we embody values that do not add barriers. It is for this purpose that FLi Sci strives to be as inclusive when it comes to any programming rather than exclusive; we do not aim to support only a subset of FLi students (e.g., academically high-achieving students, students at competitive, well-resourced high schools, etc.).

To ensure that we can forge a world where income is not a prerequisite to entering science, we plan for any staff, ally, or student within FLi Sci to channel the following core values:


We are not seeking students are already great scientists, but students who want to become great scientists.


We value those who are curious and passionate to discover more than your grades or test scores.


We want to support students who do not have access to rigorous STEM opportunities and career pathways.


We want to encourage students to feel empowered by their background, not burdened by it.

Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Many thanks to Dr. Monica Linden for sharing a diversity and inclusion template to include in teaching materials

In an ideal world, science would be objective. However, much of science is subjective and is historically built on a small subset of privileged voices. For students that participate in any FLi Sci program, there will be active efforts to read and showcase papers from a diverse group of scientists, but limits still exist on this diversity. We acknowledge that it is possible that there may be both overt and covert biases in the material due to the lens with which it was written, even though the material is primarily of a scientific nature. Integrating a diverse set of experiences is important for a more comprehensive understanding of science. We would like to discuss issues of diversity in science throughout FLi Sci’s programming.

Please contact us or submit anonymous feedback if you have any suggestions to improve the quality of FLi Sci .

Furthermore, it is an important goal of FLi Sci to forge a learning environment for my students that supports a diversity of thoughts, perspectives and experiences, and honors your identities (including race, gender, class, sexuality, religion, ability, etc.) To help accomplish this:

  • If you have a name pronounciation and/or set of pronouns you would like us to acknowledge, please let us know in any of your correspondence!

  • If you feel like your background will impact being supported through programs withinin FLi Sci, please do not hestitate to contact us as well.

Like many people and entitites, we are still in the process of learning about diverse perspectives and identities. If any material from FLi Sci’s website or programs are deemed to be inappropriate or creating spaces unsafe for students, please talk to me about it. (Again, anonymous feedback is always an option.)

Additionally, as a participant of FLi Sci, you should also strive to honor the diversity of your peers.