FLi Sci

FLi Sci is an education non-profit producing more diverse scientists from first-generation/low-income (FLi) backgrounds.

About Us

FLi Sci (short for first-generation/low-income scientists) is an initiative founded by Gabriel Reyes in June 2020 due to the lack of financial support for students in poverty to access, pursue, and engage in scientific opportunities.

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FLi Sci

Our Programs

We aim to provide science opportunities to students furthest from them.

Stay Informed!

We plan to recruit new cohorts every year starting in the Spring academic semester. Reach out if you have any questions!

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FLi Stories

Stories from current and alumni FLi Scientists!

Jessica Giang

I really enjoyed the program. We learned something new every week and I think that those meetings were really valuable. I also really enjoyed the discussions that we had and the Journal Club in particular was pretty interesting.

Ruth Kendall

I genuinely enjoyed attending this program seeing as it was consecutively the highlight of my week. I especially enjoyed how relatable this program was in terms of relatability. We talked about school, our weeks, topic of interests, which allowed versatility, all the while maintaining the goal-oriented aspect of it.

Jaylene Francisco

I learned a lot about a research question I was interested in, and I enjoyed speaking to other students who are interested in STEM but also might deal with the same obstacles as me.

Youssf Hegazy

The program, in my opinion, helped me to have conversations I typically wouldn’t have, which made it very enjoyable.